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School Mission Statement

The strategic intent at Grace Lutheran Primary School is Engage - Educate - Excite.

School Logo

At Grace Primary we have refreshed our logo to ensure it continues to be relevant, modern and professional whilst reflecting our values and vision for the future.

The essence of Grace Primary has been captured in the logo through:

  • The Cross, which is central to our Christian faith.
  • The figure intertwining with the cross emphasises a union between Christ, the source and centre of our school life, and His children (students, teachers, parents and the community).
  • The strong upward direction of the figure and the cross together create a sense of centrality and growth, which reflects the school motto ‘Grow in Grace’.
  • Incorporating our school colours of brown and gold whilst including a highlight colour of blue to symbolise water; our rebirth as God’s children through water and the Spirit, and to recognise the school’s unique location of being surrounded by the water of Moreton Bay.