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Our Value Tree MuralThe Christian faith is the foundation on which we build our school. Worship is an activity central to our school life. We strive to live and promote 'gospel' values with our students and with each other.

At Grace Primary we acknowledge parents as the first educators of their children. As a school, we work in partnership with families. We value strong and positive working relationships with parents and strive to get the best from active parental involvement in our school. We aim for open communication as together we work for what is best for children and their learning.

We value our children for who they are and whose they are. Together we 'Grow in Grace'.

We care

As parents care for their children so our staff care for their students. Pastoral care of the students is a top priority. Respecting ourselves, others and the environment are core values encouraged amongst all people associated with the school. Students know that as God cares for them they are encouraged to share that caring for one another.

Every child is unique

All our children are encouraged to nurture their interests and their abilities. They get all opportunities imaginable to display their talents whether they want to be mathematicians or writers, athletes or musicians, linguists or artists, actors or scientists. The world opens up to them as they explore the opportunities and learn from one another in the process.

Discipline helps learning

Children need guidance to make positive choices and take ownership of their actions and behaviours. Through the Pastoral Care Policy: Behaviour Management, we encourage self discipline and an attitude of correcting mistakes. When necessary, consequences are imposed. An orderly and safe environment is important for sound learning to occur.