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29 October 2018 Thank you to the P&F and our Community

Trudy Moala - Thursday, November 01, 2018

If you are a Facebook Friend of Grace Primary, you will have seen some of the photos of the gifts and joy brought to our teachers on World Teachers’ Day this year. I am especially appreciative to our class reps and our P&F for organising a beautiful morning tea for our staff and an individual gift for each teacher. Tina Smith-Roberts, Bec Crew and Mel Whiddett were especially busy with this event. Our teachers at Grace feel very supported by our parent and grandparent community – thank you – it is appreciated but it also very special to have a day dedicated to celebrating our profession and the work we do each day.

The Round of Lasts

From November on, I am sure in many families, the round of lasts begins. My diary is full of graduation and concluding the year events which include this school and some of our local Lutheran schools. It’s an exciting time of year. I also am invited to many dinners and events to represent Grace and within a few moments, my November and early December seems to be a continuing series of events which ‘farewell the year’. Of course it is great fun to celebrate with many people the year that has been and I look forward to this time every year. It’s also a really busy time in schools for students and for the staff. I was reminded of this at this morning’s staff briefing as many timelines were presented to staff such as entry of end of year data on each child, reporting deadlines, fun events such as Secret Santa for teachers, information about our Carols night on Thursday 6 December and discussion about how we will organise class parties this year. I thought the buzz of ‘end of year’ is happening as all of this was discussed. I am also always thoughtful about how this time of year, although the end of a school year, is also a time when we need to focus on each child to ensure their well-being as the season of rush and celebration occurs. Many children are very connected to their teachers, and in terms of our Year 6’s their school, and this time of change is somewhat sad for them. My advice to parents is to help their child to be joyful and have some fun and not to discuss or dwell on next year too much. Think about the 2019 school year in mid-January next year! I think it is better for families to end the year well – have some fun – be joyful and celebrate and then go on summer holidays with thoughts of Christmas and New Year and the fun to be had there too. With the round of lasts, I always think of the ‘wheel turning’ and we begin the round of firsts for 2019 and the beginning of the year activities too. This week we welcomed our 2019 Prep families to their parent information night and our new Prep students will come for their play morning next week. Our Year 6s are preparing for their transition day at Grace Lutheran College and the journey of educating every child in our community continues. May God bless your family in this busy time of year.

Carols Event This Year

Mark your diaries for a delightful evening on Thursday 6 December. The school will have its annual carols evening on stage at the Dalton Oval. As we will have plenty of space this year, families are encouraged to bring extended family members to the event so that a time of community celebration is enjoyed by all. The P&F have organised 6 food trucks (available from 5pm and Mrs L is rehearsing with all our groups to ensure a great concert (beginning at 6pm) to end our year. Families are also welcome to bring a picnic dinner if this suits their needs. Parents are reminded that as this is a school event where children are present, no alcohol will be served.

Trudy Moala, Principal