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A Busy Time of Year

Trudy Moala - Thursday, August 31, 2017

A quick perusal of our School Calendar will demonstrate how busy our school community is during term 3. (Although having said that, in which term is our school standing still!) I must make comment though about our Melbourne trip which happened last week. Mrs Jasmine Deighton, Mrs Karen Lewis, Miss Jessica Nicholson, Miss Kelly Napier, Pastor Mark, Mr Michael Catchlove and Mrs Lesley Wright jumped on a plane with 48 excited students on Sunday 20 August and returned with them safe and sound on Friday, 25 August. During the week, they visited Sovereign Hill, the MCG, an historic gaol and many other wonderful areas. The students said their trip to Mt Buller ski resort was a highlight! I am grateful to the staff and parents who gave freely of their time to support the trip. I am also very proud of our students who from all accounts were extremely well behaved throughout the trip, making the most of all opportunities offered to them.

We are of course excited for our Year 3 and 5 students who will travel to Googa during the last week of this term. We hope they enjoy their trip away together too!

Dance Groups are Starting

Thank you to Laura Woodman and Kyren Luostarinen who recently approached me to set up dance groups at Grace Lutheran Primary School. After very successful negotiations with Grace Academy we will now offer 5 dance groups as part of the co-curricular music offerings beginning in term 4. These will be an Extension Dance Troupe (which will be auditioned and offered to Year 5 and 6 students) and for students who are experienced or inexperienced and just want to have some fun and learn some dance skills there are four groups - a Senior Dance Troup Years 4 – 6, a Junior Dance Troupe Year 1 – 3, a Prep Dance Troupe and a Boys Hip Hop Troupe. We hope all students who want to participate will contact our front reception to acquire more information about this new initiative at our school.


I am always grateful when a parent or carer spends the time to send me feedback of anything that happens in our school. I receive 2 or 3 emails a week and always the feedback is appreciated and valued. As it is budget preparation time at School Council level, a question was raised about how parents would like their school fees communicated to them. Currently, the fees are broken down into tuition, resources levy and facilities levy. A suggestion has been made that rather than break them down into three components, we communicate the entire fee as one figure which will be all inclusive – e.g. tuition, camps, excursions, books and facilities. If it is one fee, we will give you an annual fee amount and a fortnightly 40 week direct debit amount and parents will choose how they pay the fees from these 2 calculations. Sibling discounts will be retained even though this discount is only applicable to tuition fees. To this end, Mrs Karen Misso our communication and marketing manager is sending out a survey to parents asking “How do you want your fees communicated – broken down into the variety of components or as one figure?” The survey is optional but your feedback will be appreciated. I have asked her to also put on our survey “Do you want to be surveyed occasionally about school issues” – e.g. if we propose a uniform improvement or if we change how our report cards look – none of these are currently being proposed they are just suggestions of things we may ask parents! I really do value parent feedback as I believe we are here to serve our community. Obviously I cannot take up every parent suggestion as some do not match with the strategic intent of the school, but often parents have wonderful ideas of what they would like to see in schools and as their children may be affected, their views are crucial. Look out for the survey from Karen as your feedback will be appreciated. If you are not happy to do a survey, please send me an email or pop in and chat – I would love to hear your views.

iPad BYO program for 2018

Thank you to the parents who attended our recent iPad information session. I have had some feedback from parents about the specifications for 2018. Some parents have recently bought an iPad mini without knowing we are expecting full size screens for students in Years 4 and 5. I took this to our Information Technology Committee and we have agreed that for 2018 only iPad minis may be brought from home but by 2019 full screens will be expected. Please remember the device required will need to be able to run IOS 10 and have a minimum of 32GB internal storage.

Trudy Moala, Principal