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A True Man of Character

Trudy Moala - Thursday, March 01, 2018

Last week a great crusader for God passed from this world into the next. His name was Reverend Billy Graham. For many of you, he would seem just an old man, but I have met people who attended his crusades in the 1970s and 80s and who were deeply moved by the words he had to say. Rev Graham’s legacy is converting tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of people to Christianity. He was 99 years old when he died - what an incredible man. Billy Graham was a man of words – written and spoken and I am sure they will be unpacked for years to come. One of my favourite quotes of Billy Graham’s is

When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost;
when character is lost, all is lost.
These words were much quoted in many articles written about Billy Graham to acknowledge his passing. When working with children, it is always a pleasure to see some students who come to our school with an entrenched integrity and high moral standing which is nurtured and encouraged in the family home. Their character development is ensured by a school/home relationship where, in partnership, high moral values are upheld and encouraged. These are the students who apologise and mean it, who make mistakes but also make amends, who speak up when things aren’t fair or just, who don’t dwell on blaming others but accept responsibility for their actions and who care deeply for those around them and for those in our world who suffer. My experience in schools and from my life experience too, I can assure you, that these are regularly the students who succeed in life – sometimes academically, sometimes on the sporting field, sometimes in being a positive family member and sometimes in the pursuit of artistic careers – a strong moral character will always excel in our world.

Vale Billy Graham, truly a man of enormous character, for whom God’s work prevailed. His legacy will live for many generations to come.

Uniform Review

Thank you to the parents who attended our first Uniform Committee meeting this week on Monday, 26 February. We discussed our current uniform and many positive and negative comments were given. We also discussed possible inclusions or changes to the uniform but all in a spirit of the committee being a filtering group for the views of our community. We will be putting out a survey in the next week or so to ask for your opinions about the uniform and will continue to discuss the uniform over the coming months. Nothing will happen quickly in terms of the uniform so please do not worry about any changes which may be made.

Just for your consideration, I have had students and parents raise with me the need for a shorts’ option for girls since I arrived at the school in January 2017. This is a very strong theme. I do not want to guide any discussion about the uniform but include this comment merely as a discussion and consideration point.

Be Aware

Parents are asked to have some diligence with drop off and pick up time. One of our Year 6 students was ‘assaulted’ by some people not connected with our school a block away from school on Monday afternoon. His parents were keen that we warn all parents of stranger danger and ask that you talk to your children about such issues. Parents are asked not to take other family’s children outside of the school grounds without the permission of that family (especially to play on Dalton oval after school). Your attention to safety before and after school will ensure the well-being of our whole school community.

IPSHA Meeting Friday

I have indicated in earlier Ripples and on our Facebook post that on Friday, 2 March we are hosting 70 Heads of Primary Schools at Grace for their term one IPSHA (Independent Primary School Heads’ Association) meeting. Unfortunately, this means that the carpark at the church will be unavailable for our parents on this day only in the morning. From the afternoon, normal carparking will be available. I thank all parents for their consideration of this and welcome sincerely our visitors for Friday.

Trudy Moala, Principal