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ANZAC Day at Grace Lutheran Primary School

Trudy Moala - Friday, May 03, 2019

A beautiful and respectful service was held to commemorate ANZAC Day on our first day back of Term 2.
Mr Thomas gave our message which was the story of Simpson and his donkey. We were also honoured to have Mr Andrew present who is a grandfather in our school. Mr Andrew served in Vietnam and Malay in the Navy as a peacekeeper. Mr Andrew and the story of Simpson reminds me of the great tradition of service in our Australian culture. This is a strong tenant in Lutheran Churches and schools too. It is through serving that we gain so much. 

At Grace, we do various acts of service in our school community regularly from raising money for Stepping Stones School in Cambodia, to our Year 5 students buddying up with their Prep friends to help them through their school day or to our Eco Warriors who regularly pick up rubbish on the sea front at Clontarf, our students are ready and willing to support and help our community. On Wednesday, 24 April, the College invited the school captains and myself to their Anzac service which is always a beautiful event filled with music and solemnity again respectfully remembering those who have served in our Army, Navy or Airforce for our great country. Thank you also to those who marched on April 25 at Redcliffe and for the parents who brought their children out to participate in this special event. I think as a school, we helped educate our children in an age appropriate way about the ANZAC tradition and what people of the armed forces did for us so we could live in freedom today. 

Mark Your Diaries!

For mothers and grandmothers, we will be having a High Tea on Tuesday, 7 May at the Mon Komo hotel to celebrate Mothers’ Day. This beautiful event was really enjoyed by all last year so we hope to see as many of you as possible at this year’s event.
Don’t forget our School Fete on Saturday, June 8! A special day of fun will be had and after a year’s worth of planning, we are looking forward to a day every child in our school will remember.

90 Days’ Notice of Withdrawal

Parents are respectfully reminded that upon enrolment, a contract is signed which requests that families will give 90 days’ written notice of withdrawal of the enrolment of a student. Failure to do so, will mean that the school will charge a term’s fees. Independent schools are dependent on enrolments for their funding and we forecast expenses in terms of staffing and resources at least a term in advance so if a family suddenly withdraws without sufficient notice, the school’s finances are negatively affected. Withdrawing families need to consider that if their child is not here, grants from the State or Commonwealth government are not given to the school which can mean many thousands of dollars are not claimed due to insufficient notice. We also pay in advance for camps, excursions, incursions and stationery so insufficient notice also affects these payments. If any families require further information about the contractual requirement for them to give 90 days’ notice of withdrawal, then please contact me at the office.