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Before And After School Arrangements

Trudy Moala - Thursday, August 09, 2018

Parents and caregivers are reminded that there are before and after school arrangements with which we must comply to ensure the safety of our whole school community each day. At Grace, we are blessed to have a fantastic Out of School Hours Care Facility which operates from 6:30am - 8:30am in the morning and from 3:00pm – 6:00pm in the afternoon. If you know your children are going to be unsupervised before 8:00am or after 3:20pm, I urge you to enrol your children in this facility to ensure their safe care.

In the morning, we are noticing more students arriving prior to our 8:00am duty commencing. This is unacceptable as there is no supervision for students at this time. Parents and care givers are requested to ensure students are not dropped at school earlier than our duties begin. We are very grateful that our parents also take time in the morning to come into our community and have a chat and we continue to welcome this, but we encourage families to not be on site prior to 8:15am when teachers begin supervision in their classrooms. From 8:00am – 8:15am the duty teachers are only in place to supervise a few students who need care for this 15 minutes to avoid having to book into GOSHC.

In the afternoon, students should be collected by 3:20pm or be enrolled in Out of School Hours Care. We appreciate that so many parents are punctual and collect their children promptly in the afternoon.


Last year, the school council did a strategic plan which takes in the five years from 2018 – 2022. Part of this was a review of our current uniform and a committee of parents, teachers and the uniform shop staff have been working all year to look into our current uniform. The committee was charged with making the decision to retain the uniform or make changes for our future. After our first meeting, we decided to survey parents to gain their opinion before moving forward and the feedback received was very clear. Two weeks ago, the Queensland Government released an updated uniform code for state schools that expands the options for uniforms especially for girls. From 2019, in State Schools, there must be short/skort/cullotes/pants option for girls. I am pleased to advise that as part of the conversations the uniform review committee at Grace has done, a skort or shorts option will be introduced from March 2019. Final decisions from this committee have not been made yet but my plan is to share them with you at our January information evening in 2019.

Staff News

We have farewelled two staff members this term. Mr Gary Riddell who has worked here for 25 years left in July. Mr Riddell has lovingly tended our grounds for all of this time and was a much admired staff member. We wish him well for his future.

Mrs Alyssa Dunn also left to take up a new position at Genesis Christian College. Alyssa is a much loved Prep aide and I know she will be missed by the staff, students and families at Grace. We also wish her well in her career. Mrs Talluah Harper will replace Mrs Dunn in Prep F and she will begin her duties on Tuesday, 14 August. I am sure the Prep F families will help me to welcome her when she begins working here next week.

Some of you may have noticed our new lay worker on Grandparents’ Day. Miss Sarah Carter began her duties on this day. She represents Lutheran Youth Queensland and we are grateful that she will come fortnightly to work at our school on Fridays. Her plan is to join the Eco Warriors with rubbish collection at the bay in the morning, help out with chapels and she will do some games and fun activities with the students at break time. Sarah will also be active around classrooms under the supervision of Mrs Kathy Stock.

Dogs on Site

Parents and caregivers are requested to be very careful if bringing dogs with them when collecting children after school. We ask that they are not tied up or brought near our boundary as they can become distressed and snap at children. At no time should a dog be brought on campus as children can rush up in number which can surprise and alarm a dog. Dogs in a loving family environment will behave in very calm ways, but we need to ensure the safety of our children by not putting animals near children who may reach out not knowing how the dog will behave. I thank in advance all parents for their support with this issue.

Trudy Moala, Principal