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Book Week and Reading

Trudy Moala - Friday, August 23, 2019

It is always such fun for students to dress up as a book character for Book Week. To be honest, the staff have a great time too planning their costumes for the parade. Thank you to the parents and students who put so much effort into their costumes this year making the book characters come to life for our parade. 

One of the joys of working in a primary school is watching children to learn to read and realising the world is opened up to them once this skill is mastered. I saw a meme once which detailed that without reading, a person cannot be a doctor, a pastor, a lawyer, a teacher, an accountant, a journalist or any other profession or trade. It’s an imperative life skill which to do so, requires a primary school teacher and his/her skilfulness but I would also include a supportive home where reading is supported and modelled as an important activity. A really powerful exercise to enhance a child’s ability to read is to read to the child and parents can play such an important part in this. I read to my children up to Year 6 and enjoyed many classic picture books and then novels with them until they decided to read for themselves each evening. When they were younger we marvelled at the picture and when they were older we would often reread sections which had been written beautifully impressed with the author’s ability to paint a picture using descriptive words and phrases. 
Reading for some children comes naturally and easily and for many it is a joy and a delight. For others, it is a difficult skill which requires practice and continuous instruction and support. But for all our students, reading is important and something we take very seriously as a school – even during a book week parade when we can be silly and frivolous too!