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End of Term

Thursday, March 29, 2018

What an exciting last two weeks we have had! Our Commonwealth Games Harmony Day was a great day of celebration with Luke Howarth MP attending and presenting a flag and our students all participating in activities which enhance inclusion and harmonious relationships. Our School Captains wrote the message for the day and it included the words:  ...Read More


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Following on from my article in the last Ripples, I recently heard the educational consultant Tony Ryan speak. To begin his presentation he gave us much data which demonstrated that our world is not all gloom and doom as we would think each evening as we watch our news services. He showed us that our life expectancy generally in the 21st Century is the highest ever recorded – in fact he talked about people in the western world starting to live to 150 years of age in the not too distant future – I think I’ll be very tired by then! He told us that for the first time in recorded history, China is now free from famine, before 1000AD 15% of people in the world died due to violence related issues and now it is 1% and that poverty, whilst it still exists is far down statistically than from years ago. Tony asked us to think about how we can prepare our young people for an extraordinary future and he argued that it is through teaching capabilities such as adaptive agility, empathy, inquiry and initiative. Tony dwelt on ‘empathy’ as a dialogue and he urged us to move from hopeless talk to hopeful talk with ourselves and with our children. As a Christian, I believe the gospel teaches us hope and I know that at any low points in my life, it is through scripture and prayer that I regain hope. My faith tells me that there is always hope, another day, a brighter future and security in knowing where my destiny lies. Tony’s book is ‘The Next Generation’ and if you want to have an interesting read on how we can prepare hopeful, resilient, perseverant children – I recommend it to you.  ...Read More

A True Man of Character

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Last week a great crusader for God passed from this world into the next. His name was Reverend Billy Graham. For many of you, he would seem just an old man, but I have met people who attended his crusades in the 1970s and 80s and who were deeply moved by the words he had to say. Rev Graham’s legacy is converting tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of people to Christianity. He was 99 years old when he died - what an incredible man. Billy Graham was a man of words – written and spoken and I am sure they will be unpacked for years to come. One of my favourite quotes of Billy Graham’s is  ...Read More