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Trudy Moala - Thursday, September 05, 2019

Thank you to the parents who attended our recent discussions in relation to our school and communication. As I explained at the meeting, in all surveys this comes up as an issue and I appreciated the feedback I received from parents. Interestingly, there were various views about our communication lines but all agreed that we should work towards simplifying it so that parents can go to one place to collect any modes of communication. We are currently working on our website as our current license concludes at the end of this year, so we will bring some initiatives in next year to help with this consolidation. I did appreciate the feedback from parents and hope that any who would like to add to the discussion would feel welcome to do so.

Church Building

Every term we have various procedures from our school assessed by an external Workplace, Health and Safety consultant. Last month, he assessed our practice of taking students across to the church building for worship services. In his report, he recommended we stop this as he was very concerned about the Gerald Ave crossing as it is not marked as a school crossing. He was also concerned about the amount of students we crossed at a time (up to 200 at a time) and our ability to supervise them all safely. He pointed out that we have an alternative venue for worship services (that being the hall) and whilst we would prefer to be in the church building, for the safety of our students we have decided this is where we will hold services for the time being. This recommendation does not include a smaller group from the school, such as the Year 6 cohort going to the church to rehearse their graduation service. We are now liaising with the Moreton Council to see if we can have changes made to help this situation but for the time being, we will not be taking large groups of students to the church. 

Dalton Oval
It’s wonderful to see so many families taking advantage of the huge playing fields of Dalton oval of an afternoon. I remind parents, that this is not under the school’s supervision and therefore it is entirely up to the parents to watch their children. Our insurances will not cover any accidents as it is not school grounds and there are no teachers on duty in this area. Please note that during the day, we have a memorandum of understanding with the Moreton Council and we are allowed to take supervised groups to the oval and therefore our students would be covered by our insurance if an accident should occur but this is not the case after school. We like to retain positive relationships with the Peninsula Power group also and we ask that all parents ensure their children do not go near the soccer goals or any Peninsula Power equipment. The gum trees around the peripheral of the oval are completely out of bounds when we supervise children due to dropping branches and we recommend families also consider this as a safety issue too. Thank you though to the many parent representatives who organise ad hoc fun times for our students and families – these times of community are invaluable.