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Loose Parts Play

Trudy Moala - Friday, November 15, 2019

At our last pupil free day, we were fortunate to have a speaker – Mrs Madeline Avci who works for a company called Jump Up for Kinds. Madeline is an Occupational Therapist and she talked to us about play and what children can do to facilitate health and well-being both physically and mentally. Madeline’s company organises ‘Loose parts play’ and we are bringing in 3 crates of equipment to allow the students to play with them prior to the end of year.

Loose parts play is about off cuts and tradies’ ‘junk’ and fabric off cuts and things where students can make and create and be imaginative with their play. As a staff, since our training, we have stopped asking students to put the sticks down but stood back and watched them playing safely with the sticks. We have noticed students making and creating wildly imaginative areas in our playgrounds and we have also watched students play safely and self-regulate to ensure their own and their friends’ well-being. We have noticed students’ language being rich and extremely imaginative and delighted in the capacity of children to play, have fun and work out their world without sterile playgrounds which do not enhance these opportunities. 

Loose parts play may involve a bit of ‘junk’ being around the school but we are keen to participate in trials with our students to enhance their well-being and their child like wonder whilst they are at school. I hope you enjoy the conversations you will have with your children about this initiative as it rolls out in our school grounds. 

Change of 2020 Pupil Free Day Date
Please note, Education Queensland has advised that the third Monday in Term 4 which is normally a moderation day in the Department will no longer occur because the Year 12 assessment criteria is changing from 2020. Therefore, Grace Lutheran Primary School has moved the Pupil Free day for 2020 from Monday, October 19 to Tuesday, October 6. Our school calendar dates for 2020 are published on our website and available for families to prepare for any planned travel next year.