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Trudy Moala - Thursday, June 21, 2018

I again extend my sincere appreciation to our community for our musical this year. Our students excelled and had great fun. They really showed us how to participate in large
events, be mindful of one another and to be independent at times. We were really impressed with the students. The parents who helped out were extraordinary. Beth Ben Karmona and Andrea Cunningham gave up hours of time to help prepare students and at the event were incredibly supportive. An army of mothers helped with sewing, makeup, hair and moving sets. As I said at our Saturday night performance, I am terrified I will leave a name out so I won’t mention individuals, but we were very, very grateful to the parents who helped out (and I think who had a bit of fun along the way!). I am even grateful to parents who just organised their children to be on time and ready for their back stage preparation – it was appreciated. The staff worked as a team and some even brought their teenage children to help out back stage. It was a huge task but done so well. I will mention Mrs Luostarinen who has not had a lunch break all year because she’s been rehearsing leads and organising sections of the musical. Thank you for your talent and skill and that you are such fun to work with – I know the students love you!

Some parents ask why we do musicals so I thought I would outline my thinking on it.
1. Community – musicals need students, parents and staff to all help out. In doing so, new friendships are made and students especially learn about how to collaborate and be part of a team.
2. Fun – musicals are hard work but great fun. Backstage, I saw children laughing, joking, smiling, singing, practising lines, lining up ready for their cue and chatting with one another. Hopefully for the 250 students involved in ‘The Little Mermaid’ and the 230 students involved with the Prep/One and Two/Three pre musical concert, a memory has been made which will stay with them for years to come.
3. Long term gain – when my children were at school I encouraged them (I actually made them but it wasn’t a hard sell) to participate in every musical on offer. I also insisted they learn an instrument and became part of the choirs from Prep to Year 12. The reason for this is when they were in Years 11 and 12, they were too busy with rehearsals and musical activities to be involved in some negative behaviours which teenagers can become involved with. If a student can spark an interest in musicals or performing arts whilst at Primary School, this may cause them to have a long association with music departments at schools. Research shows, the musical students are not involved with drugs and alcohol whist at school. They’re too busy! I even know students who loved their musicals at school and still do amateur theatre as adults - terrific fun and a great way to make friends and become part of the local community.
4. Discipline - Performing Arts is also a terrific discipline. It’s not easy to learn the lines or the music required but students who participate and go on stage with confidence usually speak well as adults and are well prepared for job interviews and other pressured activities later in life.

Thank you once again to all concerned with our Musical for 2018. We plan to run them every second year so Mrs Luostarinen is now looking about for our next production! I wonder what it will be?

Staff Movement

Please be advised that Mrs Bec Galbraith our STEM teacher resigned at the end of Term 2 to pursue her master’s level study at university. We wish her well. Mr Jonathon Fife has been employed to take up this role from Week 2 in Term 3 and we are looking forward to his involvement in our STEM program. Mrs Karin Scurr will be returning to the Year 3 class in Term 3 and we will welcome her return. As the Year 4W parents have been advised, Mrs Alexandra Wood who has been on Long Service Leave has also resigned. She visited her family in Liechtenstein whilst on leave and realised as her parents are aging, they need her to return home. Fortunately, Miss Brenna Ellis will continue her work in this room until the end of the year. Danielle Robinson who worked as a congregational support in the school has resigned from her position with the Congregation, the School and the Kindy. She will be pursuing her private make up business. I know our school will miss Mrs Galbraith, Mrs Wood and Danielle and we wish them all well in the future.

Our staff work the first week of the holidays. They will be doing CPR and First Aid courses, a staff spiritual retreat and a full day training with Ian Luscombe from an organisation called “Behaveability” which will relate to classroom management and forming good relationships with students for long term school performance gains. I wish all families a lovely June/July holiday break and look forward to seeing everyone returning on July 16.

Trudy Moala, Principal