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Off to Camp

Trudy Moala - Friday, August 09, 2019

Our Year 2 students are on camp this week at Luther Heights.  The camping program at Grace is extraordinary with students beginning with a sleepover in Year 1, a night away to Luther Heights in Year 2, two nights at Googa for Years 3 and 5, a beach camp at Tallebudgera for Year 4s and the Canberra trip in Year 6.  Students and staff always talk very positively of their camping experiences not only because of the terrific campsites they attend but for the fun, love of outdoors and growth in independence that occurs. 

Grace Lutheran Primary School has part ownership of Googa alongside Grace Lutheran College and Good Shepherd Lutheran College.  This year, the campsite has almost doubled in size with new buildings being brought in.  The buildings are now being finished to make them usable as a second campsite facility.  Grace Lutheran Primary School is grateful to the people who had the foresight to build a campsite at Blackbutt (Googa) as the long term benefits for all Grace students in the Primary School and the College are invaluable.


In all schools for many parents, the most pressing issue is communications. There is so much information that comes out to parents and in our busy lives it can be very confusing. In our recent parent survey, communications and efficiency in this area was raised by parents and to that end, I am hosting a parent meeting to discuss this issue. I want to find out what is the best methods for parents to receive communications from the school. To accommodate parents, I am proposing two times on 22 August. The first meeting will be at 2:30pm and the second will be at 6:30pm – both to be held in the library. 
At this meeting I will discuss with parents what are the best options for you to receive notes and information from the school and your thoughts and ideas will be valued. At the moment, the modes of information dissemination are
Email, Parent Rep texts and communications, See Saw, Facebook (official and some year levels have set up sites), the App, the Website, Ripples and Dates for your Diary. 

Perhaps amongst your friends you can discuss what would be the most efficient way for us to communicate to you. If you cannot make one of the meetings but would like to have input into the conversation, please send your emails of suggestions to me and I will read them at the meeting.