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The New Uniform is Coming

Thursday, May 30, 2019

I am so excited to advise that the new uniform is in stock and will be available for sale from June 10. The process for this change has taken nearly 2 years and involved  ...Read More

The Little School Who Could

Thursday, May 16, 2019

One of my favourite stories as a young child was ‘The little engine that could’. It is a story where a little train engine toughs it out to climb a steep hill. It is also a story which teaches resilience, hard work and optimism. Working at Grace gives me a sense of the ‘little school that could’ as I am consistently amazed at the results our students achieve in a small school environment. Did you know:  ...Read More

ANZAC Day at Grace Lutheran Primary School

Friday, May 03, 2019

A beautiful and respectful service was held to commemorate ANZAC Day on our first day back of Term 2.
Mr Thomas gave our message which was the story of Simpson and his donkey. We were also honoured to have Mr Andrew present who is a grandfather in our school. Mr Andrew served in Vietnam and Malay in the Navy as a peacekeeper. Mr Andrew and the story of Simpson reminds me of the great tradition of service in our Australian culture. This is a strong tenant in Lutheran Churches and schools too. It is through serving that we gain so much.   ...Read More


Friday, April 05, 2019

I always see Easter as the most important Christian Festival in the church calendar.  The death and resurrection of Jesus is remembered at this time.  Our students enjoyed a fun day of Easter activities on Thursday 4 April culminating with a concert by Colin Buchanan.  Grace Church will be holding services over the Easter season and if you want to attend with your families, this is a particularly beautiful time of the year in churches.  On Palm Sunday, the week before Easter the church will honour the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.  On Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, the sadness and solemness of Jesus’ death is evoked and then on Easter Sunday the excitement and joy of Jesus’ resurrection is celebrated.  An emotional few days for Christians borne out in churches throughout the world.  The Easter Services times are listed in our Ripples newsletter for your interest.  At this special time of year, I do wish your family a restful and reflective Easter holidays and I look forward to seeing all our families back in Term 2.  ...Read More

Attendance matters

Thursday, March 21, 2019

As a Principal, I read many educational articles and the most recent trend is school attendance. I know I have discussed this with parents already a few times this year but as a school and I will continue to do so to keep you well informed. This week, I note that ACARA which is the organisation which develops curriculum and reporting for schools, put out information about school attendance from a national perspective. Although an interesting read, I felt that the fact that this federal government organisation is mapping school attendance demonstrates it is an issue for many Australian children. I have put a link to the report at the end of this article for those who are interested.  ...Read More

Separation Anxiety

Thursday, March 07, 2019

For the majority of parents in our school, sending a child to school is a matter of a kind farewell, perhaps a cuddle if they’re a younger child and a reminder of who is picking him/her up in the afternoon. For a small minority, separation anxiety is a really heartfelt difficult time. I thought I would give some tips to parents about leaving children at school especially if it is a hard thing to do. I know for one of my own children, leaving me was excruciating for her and also for me so I do feel the pain of parents who struggle with this issue.  ...Read More

Thank You Martin Fenwick

Thursday, February 21, 2019

At the recent Parent information session, I discussed our School Council. This is the governing committee for our school. To be a member of our School Council, nominations must be approved by Lutheran Education Queensland. Our School Council oversees policy direction for the school and they monitor our finances and set the strategic plan. At the parent information meeting I indicated the membership of our council and I do again here for your interest. Members who have been nominated from our Grace Congregation are Martin Fenwick, Garth Hunt, Naree Wittwer and Richie Thamm. A parent representative on our School Council is Claire Peters and we also have Felicia Nelner from Grace College Caboolture and Anthony Vassallo who is the current Business Manager at Redeemer Lutheran College. Pastor Mark is a consultant on our School Council and our Business Manager, Stephen Greener and I also report at each meeting.  ...Read More

Welcome Back

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Welcome back to all our returning families and to our 25 new families to our school too. We also welcome our highest number of Prep families enrolled at our school in a number of years. As a school staff, we are delighted that you have decided to be part of Grace and I look forward to meeting up with you all in the mornings or at evening events over the coming weeks.  ...Read More

Thanks for a terrific year!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

I would like to sincerely thank all families for their contributions and support for 2018. It has been a wonderful year filled with many highlights and I am sure as you peruse our Yearbook you will be reminded of many happy memories. The Yearbook will be issued next week to students and I thank Karen Misso specifically for coordinating this project this year.  ...Read More

Carols on the Green

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Have you marked your diary for our ‘Carols on the Green’ event? It will be on Thursday 6 December starting with food trucks at 5pm and our concert will begin at 6pm with fireworks at 7.30pm. We welcome all families and friends to what we expect to be a wonderful celebration to end our school year. I look forward to seeing you there and thank Bec Crew and her P& F team for organising the food and fun for the evening. I also thank Mrs L and the teachers for working with our students on their performances. In a Lutheran School we welcome the beautiful message of Jesus birth and hope that this Christmas event will help you to find blessing through the festive season. A verse which may help your family think about Jesus’ birth could be John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that He gave his only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. I would commend to you Grace Lutheran Church’s services during the festive season too which will be -: Christmas Eve Service (7pm) at Grace Lutheran College Chapel and also worship services at Maine Road on Christmas Eve at 11pm, as well as 25 December at 8:30am.  ...Read More