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Parents and Friends Association

Trudy Moala - Friday, November 01, 2019

I would like to acknowledge the support of the Parents and Friends’ Association committee which has worked hard this year to fund raise and friend raise in our community. The President, Julian Field; Vice President, Nichole Pawson; Secretary, Ingrid Church and Treasurer Karina Ivory have had the students at our school at the centre of their planning and I have valued their heart for our school.

In the wider school climate generally in the State, Catholic and Independent sectors, it is noted that many schools really struggle to have an active P&F committee. For a few years now, the Parents and Friends’ committees at Grace have had difficulty having parents attend planning meetings and finding volunteers to support a variety of events.
Parents and families are very busy as I am sure you will all acknowledge. It is the school’s position that we continue with events such as a bi–annual Fete, annual Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day Stalls, annual Carols Concerts and a variety of other events. Further, it is recommended that the school would take over all event management and create small committees to run the events rather than one P&F committee which can be overloaded and often become burnt out with the required voluntary workload. To that end, I have recommended to the President of the P&F that we do not host a P&F AGM in 2019 but that we begin a new model in 2020, which will share the load significantly and more manageably in our school community. It is our intention to continue with our Parent Representative program which gives a voice to our school parents and good community connections amongst our parent body.
If you would like to discuss this decision or propose a different model, please feel most welcome to contact me and I will facilitate an AGM so that all members of our school community are welcome to have and hear a variety of opinions.
Again, I would like to acknowledge the hard work of people who have been part of our P&F committees over many years and especially this year. All voluntary work in our school is valued and appreciated and has helped to make Grace a community focussed school in many ways.