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Service Learning at GLPS

Trudy Moala - Thursday, September 19, 2019

At the end of this term, our special day will be a service learning day. Students will shop and organise hampers for Bayside Community Care, sew pouches out of recycled clothing for wildlife which have lost their mothers, paint rocks with positive messages to place along the seafront at Pelican Park, visit St Catherine’s Day Respite Centre, make bat boxes for the Redcliffe Botanical Gardens, make banners for our hall and make table cloths and place mats for the Redcliffe Breakfast Club.

Participating in service activities is a strong component of a Lutheran Education. In serving others, we share God’s love in our community. But there is a wider ramification and that is the joy of giving and helping others. It is my prayer that on our service learning day, the students will find great joy in being mindful of others and realising that it is in giving that we receive. 
Class lists 2020
Annually the staff spend many hours organising class lists for 2020. We actually do this process at the end of Term 4 but in preparation for this process, if any parents would like to write to me to make suggestions for where their child is placed for next year, you are most welcome to do so. Please note I cannot guarantee your request will be complied with as the staff take in many considerations but your suggestions in this process is valued.
We do not yet know class placements for teachers for 2020 so please do not request specific teachers. We have staff returning form maternity leave and we will ascertain class sizes and organisation once our new enrolments for 2020 are completed and when parents also advise if their child is moving to another school. Please note, we do contractually require parents to give 90 days’ notice of withdrawal of their child and the cut off for this is Thursday, 30 October, 2019. If notice is given past this time, the school reserves its option of charging one term’s fees in lieu of insufficient notice of withdrawal. 

Staffing News
There are three staff taking long service leave over the coming weeks and they are
Mrs Sue Jennings – 4 October – 1 November (Mrs Jennings will be replaced by Mrs Nyguist)
Mrs Trudy Moala – 16 September – 14 October and
Mrs Jasmine Deighton – 20 September - 21 October.