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Trudy Moala - Monday, July 29, 2019

Recently, a colleague Lutheran Principal Ms Jane Mueller from Living Faith Lutheran Primary School at Murrumba Downs was published on line in “The Educator”. Her article was titled “Dial back the temperature on Children’s Mental Health” and it compared our response to children’s mental health to that of a frog being boiled in water, a slow but inevitable issue unless we intervene with intelligent responses.
Jane stated that as adults we have a moral imperative to be aware of the research surrounding childhood mental health and to implement strategies to counteract the growing mental health crisis in our western world. In schools, she said that there are 7 important things for us to consider for our children’s well-being.

1. Connectedness - especially outward-looking values such as kindness, compassion and forgiveness.
2. Agency - giving children space to have unstructured play and a secure place where mistakes are used as learning opportunities.
3. Optimism – allowing children to dream about the positives instead of dwelling on what might go wrong
4. Nature - greenery and natural environments are good for the soul.
5. Sleep - children need good sleep to be healthy and ready to learn.
6. Physical movement - children should be encouraged to move and not be sedentary
7. Good nutrition - not because schools expect quality lunches to be provided but because good nutrition for growing bodies is important.
I have very much summarised Jane’s thoughtful article so if you would like to read it in full, the link is 

School Fete
Thank you to our community for their response to our school fete. Our final profit was just under $10,000 and we will use these funds to buy resources within our school.

Keeping Our School Sustainable
As part of our current strategic plan, we are looking into sustainable issues for our school.  Currently, our business office is investigating purchase and installation of solar panels to ensure our electricity is self-generating.  If any parents have any information which may be helpful to this investigation, please contact Stephen Greener on 3283 0011. 

Chinese students visiting our school
During the months of July and August, we will be having in our school visiting students from China. This is their
summer holidays but they want to continue to learn English so they are keen to participate in our school’s programs. We already have 3 students present and I have been very impressed by how welcoming our students have been throughout their visit.