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Thank You for a Great Term

Trudy Moala - Thursday, September 20, 2018

Every morning when I see the almost 400 children arrive at our campus, I am always very grateful to the parents and grandparents who have rushed about in the morning to make sure the students are well prepared and ready for school. We also have a very loving Out of School Hours Care facility and the staff their as pseudo parents ensure children are loved and well sorted as they go to their classrooms. When camps are being farewelled or chapel is on, we always see GOSHC staff involved and we appreciate their care too.
Thank you especially to our P&F who have had a number of activities this term which have been great fun but also raised funds for facilities and projects at our school.

Leadership in Year 6

As a staff we have had a long conversation about the Leadership structures for our Grace Year 6 students. Traditionally, the school has had School Captains and Vice Captains and then House and Vice Captains for every house. This has meant there has been 20 leadership positions offered to our Year 6 students. The problem with this is that at 11 or 12 years of age, most of the students are well capable and deserving of a leadership position in the school and when some miss out or don’t attain the position they particularly wanted, there is much heartache and concern with the students and also the families who support their children so well. Also, as we enrol the students, we make sure that the houses are balanced in numbers but by Year 6 many anomalies can occur with some houses only having 2 or 3 boys or girls representing their house and yet other houses have 14 or 15 boys or girls trying out for House leadership positions. This year, the Year 6 staff have trialled leadership activities about the campus which have included library support, playground umpiring support, chapel support and other really useful and fun leadership roles. The students have revelled in these positions as they have changed each term and the students have identified that the roles are helpful to the school and true leadership in design. Therefore, we have decided that from next year, we will be asking the students in Year 5 to only apply for the role of School Captain in Year 6 (one boy/one girl). As per the school custom, in Term 4, we will put out an application form which the students will need to complete and then depending on the number of students who apply, we will choose about 3 girls and 3 boys to give a speech to our school community detailing why they want to be School Captain. Our students in Years 4 and 5 and the staff will then vote for their preferred candidates. The 2019 Captains will be announced before the end of 2018 and will be presented with their Captain’s badges at a leadership assembly in 2019. At this assembly, all Year 6 students will be given a leadership badge as our Year 6 students are valued and very much leaders in our school community. They will all then participate in leadership activities in Year 6. Please note at sport carnivals, all Year 6 students in the House will be asked to lead the cheering and help out with student marshalling alongside the teachers for the House. It is our intention to share about the roles at assembly rather than just having School Captains taking on this role. If you would like to give any feedback about this process, please do so by email or by phoning or coming to see me. We hope, that this system will give a much fairer outcome for our students and one that causes all students in Year 6 to find leadership tasks which they find meaningful and helpful at our school.


I wish all families a wonderful September holiday break and look forward to seeing all students return on Monday, 8 October.

Trudy Moala, Principal