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Thank you to the Parents and Friends

Trudy Moala - Thursday, August 23, 2018

Our very hard working P&F committee have been busy with a few activities of late. Their bake stalls are becoming infamous and sought out by all our community – thank you to all the families who cook for these special stalls. They also run fantastic sausage sizzles or hamburger stalls each term and their annual fun run is coming up too. I would like to thank Tina, Jo, Bec, Nicole and all who helped out to organise the Winter Wonderland this year. It was a beautiful night and everyone I have spoken to who attended, said of how much fun it was and how well organised it was too. I must also acknowledge Denis Caddy who is possibly the best MC on the Peninsula! The sponsors were very generous and the prizes for the raffle were amazing. Congratulations to the Caporn family who paid $800 for the carpark toggle. I am sure they’ll be the envy of all as they park their car in the staff carpark for the next year. Thank you to the many new families who attended this event too – we hope to see you again next year.

Googa Campsite

I know our Year 3 and 5 students are very much looking forward to going to Googa in couple of weeks’ time. Each term I meet with the Principals of Grace Lutheran College (David Radke) and Good Shepherd Lutheran College (Anthony Dyer), the Business Manager of the College (Ray McKinnon) and the Director of Googa (Brad Teakle). The purpose of these meetings is to plan for Googa’s ongoing development and to discuss the programs which are currently on offer at the campsite. Did you know that Grace Lutheran Primary School owns 10% of the Googa property hence my need to be involved with discussions about its future? Last week the meeting was held at the Googa campsite and we enjoyed looking at new potential campsites, the acres of avocado trees and the plans which are set for the future of Googa. Schools from as far away as the Gold Coast and Toowoomba are showing interest in booking into Googa such is its reputation. Googa for students is a place of joy, social growth and fun. The College students spend one month at Googa in Year 10 with parents and students reporting it to be one of the highlights of their time at school. Googa for me is a place of reflection and beauty and it is an essential part of our important camping program at Grace Lutheran Primary School. God’s beautiful creation is certainly a feature of Googa and I wish all students who are attending camps there this term His peace as they grow and learn in this special place.

Withdrawing Students

It is always sad to see any families leave Grace Lutheran Primary School but we are aware that some families decide to move their child or children for many reasons. We keep data on where people go and the majority move due to families relocating a long distance away from our school. Last term, although we had a few children leave our school, we enrolled more new students than left and this kind of turn-around of students is quite common in our community. Our enrolment trends are definitely improving and it is my aim to ensure that families who are currently enrolled are happy and settled so that students are enrolled for the long term. To avoid any conflict between the school and families, I would like to remind families that upon enrolment, all parents sign a contract which states that 90 days’ notice must be given if a child is being withdrawn. This is a school council policy and therefore difficult for me to renege upon. The reason for this clause is basically relative to staff employment and therefore it is a courtesy for parents to give good notice of a withdrawal. Please note, if your reason is financial, we can offer some subsidies for the period of time a family is having difficulties and this can be assessed through our business office. If there are other issues you would like to discuss prior to leaving Grace, please do not hesitate to contact me so I can support your family’s happiness at our school.

In the upcoming Ripples I plan to advise families of some of the improvements we will be making in our programs in 2019 which are part of our current strategic plan and I look forward to sharing these with you.

Trudy Moala, Principal