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The New Uniform is Coming

Trudy Moala - Thursday, May 30, 2019

I am so excited to advise that the new uniform is in stock and will be available for sale from June 10. The process for this change has taken nearly 2 years and involved

  • discussion at the strategic planning meetings with parents, staff and school council which were held in 2017

  • a school families’ survey to which 80% of our families responded and 79% of them reflected that a change of uniform was required

  • A committee being formed which included UMS Staff, school staff and 6 parents and we met throughout 2018 designing the new uniform


It has been a long consultative process and I am grateful to the parents, staff and especially UMS staff for their support of this change. Features of our new uniform include:

  • A choice for girls of a skort or dress for the formal uniform
  • Retention of an over shirt for boys
  • No house colours on the PE uniform meaning that when selling second hand PE uniforms, the market is wider for parents (please note, at carnival times, students are welcome to  -dress up their uniform with their house colours)
  • A beautiful rugby shirt to be worn with the PE uniform
  • A smart jacket to be worn with the dress or PE uniform
  • A new navy and light blue colour scheme to replace the brown
  • A functional bucket hat which is worn with the sport or dress uniform
  • And after much feedback – plain white socks!!
Students are to continue to wear the black school shoes and for the PE uniform black sandshoes. The current arrangement of the hybrid shoe may be retained to be worn with the dress or PE uniform.

The brown school bag also may be used for as long as it lasts for families (therefore not compulsory by 2021) and these will be turned over as stock depletes of brown bags and new blue bags begin to be purchased by new families. I’ve actually seen some of the new bags around the school already and they are very smart. 

Other feedback which was clearly defined by the parent survey was to retain the ‘independent school’ look of our
uniform and not become too casual and I think this has been achieved in the design process. 
The changeover for the uniform will be-:
2019/2020 – old or new uniform may be worn by Prep to Year 6 students – please note it either has to be full old or full new and not bits of either
2021 (our golden 50th birthday year) – Prep to Year 5 must be in new uniform. Year 6 may have one more year of
transition with either old or new uniform.
2022 – Prep – Year 6 in new uniform.

The great news though is that the uniform shop must now sell out all its old stock and therefore at the Fete on June 8, all old uniform stock will be sold at either $20 or $30 per article. This will continue after the fete until next year when the school will donate any old stock to overseas mission fields. Obviously, once stock is sold out, old stock will not be reordered so if you want to buy old stock at these heavily discounted prices, please make sure you are at the Uniform Shop stall at the fete or you may also continue any left-over stock from the Uniform Shop from June 10. 

As parents have requested us collecting old second hand uniforms, I am in discussions with the P&F to decide how to move forward with a proposal to help families with this issue too. Thank you to all families for being part of the process of this uniform changeover and I look forward to seeing the new uniform become part of our school in the coming 18 months.