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Uniform Committee new time slot

Trudy Moala - Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thank you to the parents who contacted me to say they are keen to help out on the recently formed Uniform Committee but they cannot make day meetings. Hence, I have changed the time to 6.30pm on Monday 26 February in the Conference Meeting room which is adjacent to the front office. If you would like to participate, please email me and I look forward to seeing you at the meeting. Please be advised, if you cannot make the meeting, over the coming terms we will do surveys and communicate with parents about a uniform upgrade and any proposed changes.

Traffic around the school

Warm regards are sent to the many, many parents who do the right thing around our school in terms of traffic. I know this is far and away the majority. I do receive complaints from neighbours saying that parents at pick up time are blocking driveways and our traffic wardens also comment on parents turning right out of the carpark adjacent to Dalton oval. This is a left turn only carpark due to the busyness of the traffic after school. Parents using the Dalton oval carpark, please be reminded that many small children access their family cars in this area and you driving at a very limited speed (e.g. 5kms per hour) will help to ensure their safety.

Upcoming event at Grace

I was thrilled to be contacted by the executive team of IPSHA (Independent Primary School Heads’ Association) to ask if they could host a meeting at our beautiful school in March 2018. The date for the meeting is Friday March 2. This means we will have about 70 Heads and Deputy Heads of Independent Primary schools meeting from 8.00am – 1pm at Grace. The church has kindly agreed to allow us to exclusively use the church as a carpark for the Heads of Schools who will be visiting which means, unfortunately, for this morning only, there will be no parent parking at the church. I thank all parents for their understanding on this occasion and hope you join me in being most proud that our school was selected for such a prestigious event.

The Optimists

Whilst traveling overseas at Christmas and spending time in airports, I purchased a January ‘Time’ magazine. I then was so intrigued I actually read it from cover to cover. The theme of the magazine was ‘The Optimists’ and it was edited by Bill and Melinda Gates. Much of what was written revolved around positive movements and achievements in our world and I was very encouraged. As adults, we often dwell on the negative parts of life but Bill and Melinda, pointed out the improvements in child mortality in our third world, the rates of demonstrated progress in many third world countries and gave individual accounts of families where optimism ruled. One article written by Trevor Noah, discussed the writer’s mother who ‘was full of optimism’. She was South African and had endured apartheid and also married an abusive, alcoholic man, but she refused to become negative and pursued a positive future for herself and her family which she wished existed. He concluded due to her influence, that there is an opportunity for everyone in our world to create positive change – small or large. Another article written by Malal Yousafzai, a person I dream to meet or hear speak, made the comment in her article - “I think it’s pointless to be without hope. If you are ‘hopeless’ you waste your present and your future.” She spends time daily reflecting on gratitude and all the good which happens in her life – even this impresses me because if anyone in the world has the right to be negative it’s her but she chooses to shine a light of positivity instead. I am endlessly positive about our students at Grace. They are delightful, joyful, clever, funny, innovative and I know, they have an exciting future ahead of them. As the powerful adults in their life, can we guide them to be optimists and problem solvers and avoid negativity? A challenge for us all I am sure.

Mrs Stock on Leave

We wish Mrs Stock well as she takes long service leave to journey to Stepping Stones School in Cambodia.

Trudy Moala, Principal