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Students at our school are offered a broad curriculum from Prep through to Year 6. Literacy skills, numeracy skills, Christian Studies, and Science are core Learning Areas.

The Australian Curriculum areas of English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography are in place with other areas such as The Arts, Technologies, Civics and Citizenships and HPE being phased in over the next two years in line with advice from ACARA (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority).  For more information about the Australian National Curriculum please visit their website at:


At Grace Primary, specialist teachers provide learning activities in Japanese, Music, PE and Library with lessons varying in length from forty minutes to an hour. 

The school day starts for all students at 8:30am and finishes at 3:00pm.

Junior School (Prep - Year 3)

Our Junior School is a hub of enthusiasm and smiles. Consisting of three classes in each year level, the children are exposed to a curriculum anchored by the foundation skills of reading and writing. Through the use of mobile technologies, the children are exposed to best teaching practice on a daily basis. Planning, teaching and learning is student-centred. We focus on the interests of our students, maximising their engagement in learning. Through continued partnerships with parents, the children are nurtured on their individual learning journeys.

Senior School (Year 4 - 6)

Our senior schooling program supports students moving to greater independence, where they are able to access a wider range of learning activities as they develop their skills and abilities. Opportunities for collaborative and self directed learning aided by the latest modern technology enable students to increasingly develop their lifelong qualities of learning. Students are encouraged to develop their responsibilities towards others as leaders and as contributors to the well being of others. Inter-school sporting activities and the leadership program are key components.

Learning Enrichment & Support

Students progress at different rates through their schooling. To help them in their learning, extra support is provided to classroom teachers to cater for the varying students and their learning needs. Learning Enrichment staff can provide individual intensive tuition for students or take small groups with similar needs. The level and time of support depends on the needs of the student.  Learning Support staff are there to support students with progression through the curriculum to help them maximise their potential.‚Äč