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Students from Prep to Year 6 are given opportunities to gain a clearer understanding and appreciation of the Christian faith through lessons held throughout the week.

Bible reading and related activities help students to focus on a Christian world view, helping them to make meaning in their lives and learn of God's love for them.

As part of Christian Studies and a strong inquiry approach to this learning area students:

  • explore
  • describe
  • investigate
  • create
  • research
  • examine
  • reflect.

Emphasis is on Christian Living, Christian Beliefs, Christianity in the World and the Christian Church.

Christian Studies in Action

The Christian Studies classroom is a learning environment in which students can explore a range of religious and non-religious perspectives they encounter in everyday life. Awareness and understanding of other people’s beliefs enriches students’ ability to make sense of the world and to reflect on their own beliefs and values. A collaborative learning environment acknowledges and respects that students have diverse backgrounds, needs, interests and learning styles. Students are mentored:

  • to become articulate, empathic and discerning members of their communities
  • to listen to and identify the issues underlying discussion
  • to enter into open, respectful dialogue with people whose religious views are different
  • to develop an informed personal position.

The Christian Studies classroom is a supportive, inclusive and safe learning environment where students are encouraged to pose their own questions, gather, analyse and reflect on information and use it in meaningful ways. Learning experiences take into account students’ prior knowledge and makes connections with their understanding about the world.