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The Music program at Grace Lutheran Primary School offers students a wide variety of opportunities.

Classroom Music (Compulsory P-6)

In Junior classes (Prep–3), the emphasis is on creating a solid foundation of knowledge and skills.
Students learn and develop an understanding of rhythm, pitch, dynamics and expression, form and structure, timbre and texture. These concepts are explored and experienced through learning a variety of songs and game based activities, and through the use of classroom percussion instruments.

In Senior classes (Years 4-6), Music becomes more practical. With the use of ICT's, students engage in music making whereby they utilise their learnt knowledge and skills in a variety of activities.
In Years 5-6, students learn the ukulele. This is an instrument that is accessible to all students due to its size and allows all students success.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

All students in Year 3 participate in two co-curricular activities that run alongside their learning in Classroom Music.

Junior Choir

Students participate in a weekly rehearsal where they learn a variety of repertoire for performances and Chapel.

Year 3 Smart Strings

Each Year 3 student learns the violin in a weekly 30 minute lesson where the learning is done as a class group.

Senior Choir

Students in Years 4-6 have the opportunity to join Senior Choir, though it is not compulsory. During weekly practices, students learn a variety of repertoire for Chapel and performances.


Performance opportunities for students are provided many times throughout the year. The Senior and Junior Choirs sing at weekly chapel services. Both Band and String ensembles, as well as the choirs, perform at other events throughout the year such as Open Day, Fair, concerts and visits to local community places.

Instrumental Music Program

Starting in Year 4, students are able to learn an instrument through private music tuition, either in groups or individually. Tuition is available for the following instruments: violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, French horn, bass guitar, percussion and piano (only individual tuition available).

Students who take private music tuition are also involved in weekly ensemble rehearsals, Band or Strings.