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Junior Night at the Library

Housed in the centre of the Grace Lutheran Primary School campus the Library is ideally situated to enable all students access to this great facility.

Our Library serves the school as a multifunctional resource centre for our community.

Students come to read, borrow, browse and enjoy learning in this colourful and inviting learning centre.  The Library is open before school, during the lunch breaks and for class lesson times. Students also enjoy quiet activities in the Library with their friends and buddies.  Lunch times in the Library are often vibrant busy times with children playing board games and building with Lego on the carpet, others are engaged in puzzles and drawing at the tables and still others are engaged in sharing a book, digital resource or browsing.  The Library is a lively place of laughter and learning!


Our Library Learning Centre has an extensive range of fiction and non-fictional books for students and a range of resources for teachers and parents.

 Students use the laptops, ipads and ipods that are located in the Learning Centre to assist in their learning and research work both in the Library and in the classroom.

Students from Prep to Year 6 enjoy a scheduled Library lesson each week where they can borrow resources and enjoy learning Library and research skills. The Library staff work collaboratively with the teachers to offer further experiences and provide resources to enhance the classroom learning and the curriculum focus.

  • Prep and Year 1 classes enjoy 40 minute lessons and learn about the structure of a book and how the Library is organised in the library.  They are delighted when our library staff read to them and are eager to borrow each week.
  • Years 2 and 3 students in their weekly 40 minute lesson also learn about non-fiction books and locating resources as well as learning about authors, illustrators and publishers.  They enjoy the challenge of locating resources using the computer system and using the QRReader.
  • Years 4 and 5 students use their lesson time to learn research skills, note taking, and finding relevant information for their assignment questions.  Borrowing resources is an important part of these lessons.  They also have an opportunity to read for pleasure.
  • Library time for the Year 6 students is often focused on developing research skills including learning about copyright, referencing and assignment writing.  Digital resources are well utilised to support research learning and for locating the most current and relevant information. Author studies are also included in the learning.

Book Week

The highlight of the Library Learning Centre’s Calendar is the Children Book Council Associations Book Week held each year in the last week of August. The Book Week Event is a celebration of books, knowledge and reading and special book-related activities for students arranged across the year levels. Students delight in dressing up as their favourite book character. Parades, dancing, voting and working with the short-listed Book Council Junior Fiction picture books is always a special focus for this day.

The Library Learning Centre also provides the perfect venue for groups to hold meetings and events such as: Parent Information evenings, Staff meetings and Special presentations for our students.