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The Parents and Friends (P&F) provide opportunities for parents to learn more about the school and contribute to its development.  Through friendraising and fundraising activities the P&F encourages parents, staff and other friends of the school to work together for the benefit of students.

All school parents are expected to be involved in the life of the school through attendance at meetings or information nights, membership of the P&F Committee or participation in fundraising activities.  The main event each year is the Fete.  Other events may include Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days Stalls, various fundraisers and social occasions.

Funds raised are used for the ongoing development and improvement of the school.  In recent years, the P&F has helped to establish an outdoor deck and performance area, construct an outdoor multi-purpose court and contribute to the ongoing development of playgrounds.  The P&F also supports student involvement in school activities and provides resources for teaching and learning.