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Grace Lutheran Primary School acknowledges that parents have responsibility for, and are the first educators of their children. Parents and family, in the home environment, strongly influence what and how children learn.

The Lutheran School, as an agency of the Lutheran Church, also has a responsibility to children, to those who are members of the Church as well as to others in the community who are not members. This responsibility is to proclaim and relate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the total life of children as students in order to equip them to live a Christ-like life in all life situations, to serve both God and humanity throughout life and to live with the assurance of eternal life.

In order to coordinate these responsibilities, effective interaction between school and parents is essential. The school will:

  • communicate clearly to parents what it accepts as its responsibility
  • require the active interest and support of parents
  • maximise opportunity for parental involvement.

In order to keep parents well informed on the progress and achievements of their children, the school will initiate and maintain various forms of communication as required from time to time.

Parents are encouraged to become involved in the life and activities of the school. Many opportunities exist for parents to contribute. Involvement in, and support of, the Parents and Friends Committee and its fundraising and friendraising activities is expected of every school family.

Parents are also encouraged to volunteer as opportunities arise to help in the classroom, tuckshop or on class activities, excursions and camps.

All parent volunteers are required to read and sign a copy of the school’s volunteer statement.

Blue Cards: Parents who accompany school camps or other overnight excursions must either have a current Blue Card or complete a Parent Declaration for Working with Children.