Lunchtime Clubs Lunchtime Clubs

Students at times enjoy supervised lunchtime activities where they can learn a new skill or improve upon their ability.

Lunchtime clubs fill a need for students who wish to try out and experience something new and meet up with other students from different year levels.

Some clubs are student initiated and operational for one day of the week.  All lunchtime clubs have a teacher supervising them and the particular focus is always on fun, friendship and freedom. There is no compulsion for students to attend week after week and if a student wishes to leave the activity this is accepted.  Each club runs for the lunchtime half hour play session from 10.40 am to 11.10 am. Some clubs are offered for just junior students, others for a specific year level and others are for students of any age.

Some of the lunch-time clubs have included:

  • Chess club
  • Drawing club
  • Basketball club
  • Rope Skipping club
  • Board Games club
  • Social Support club
  • Year 1 Inside Play club.

Grace Primary recognises the need for more clubs and different activities to be offered and run in the coming years. With our growing school community, it is considered that some clubs will involve the senior students and Year 6 leaders as well as teacher supervisors. Parent support in various clubs is a welcomed and valued support.

A Social Skilling Club with social role play learning is expected to be offered to support students needing assistance in this area.  In offering this club, students gain strategies to work through anti-social behaviours , with the opportunity to gain resilience, self-esteem and a strong sense of worth and well-being through role plays.