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Miss Amanda Pashen is our school’s qualified Student Welfare Worker and is at our school each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She is available to support students and parents who are experiencing grief or loss, relationship difficulties, behaviour issues or other personal stresses. Referral procedures are outlined below.

For parents wanting to refer their children please follow this process:

  1. Fill out a referral (available from the School Reception) with as much information as needed.
  2. A copy of referral goes to Deputy Principal and then to the Student Welfare Worker.
  3. The Student Welfare Worker will make an appointment time for the child and make arrangements with the child’s class teacher for the appointment to happen.
  4. The Student Welfare Worker may require written teacher observations of the child.
  5. The Student Welfare Worker will contact parents on the same day of the appointment if she has any concerns.
  6. After the appointment the Student Welfare Worker will advise the Deputy Principal if further assistance is required.

For parents wanting to see the Student Welfare Worker please:

  1. Write a note/email to Student Welfare Worker letting her know that they have a concern.
  2. The Student Welfare Worker will inform the Deputy Principal and then call the parent with an interview time.
  3. If a child-related matter, Deputy Principal may sit in.  If personal matter, the meeting will just be with the Student Welfare Worker.

Please be aware:

  • Participation in the service is voluntary
  • Parents can withdraw their child at any time. (Please confirm in writing)
  • All meetings will be documented
  • Phone conversations may be documented
  • Emails and notes will be filed
  • Parents’ and children’s files will be accessible to the Deputy Principal
  • All/any action the Student Welfare Worker takes will first be notified to the ‘client’ before being actioned.

Parents can contact Miss Amanda Pashen or Mrs Kathy Stock (Deputy Principal) for further information.

In addition, there are flyers and materials available on social and emotional welfare on the noticeboard in the Parent Hub.

We are grateful for the financial assistance of the Australian Government through the National Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.‚Äč