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Grace Primary supports students from Prep to Year 6 through specially planned transition experiences.

Transition to Prep

Pre-Prep children and families experience transitions to Grace Primary when they come to:

  • Open Day sessions
  • Principal Tours
  • Excursions to Grace Prep
  • Parent Orientation Evenings
  • Orientation mornings.

Prep students are given gradual support from Term 1 to Term 4 to transition further to the school grounds with the support and guidance of their Year 5 school buddies.

Prep to Year 5 Transitions

Prep to Year 5 students enjoy a special transition morning in the last weeks of the school year.  On this morning students are given the opportunity to learn about the next year’s teachers and classroom environment and have an opportunity to ask questions.  Important transition points include:
  • Experiencing the different classrooms and resources
  • Meeting the year level teachers
  • Learning about the camp experience for that year level
  • Discovering the differences in the program (for example Year 3 has a strings lesson and choir each week)
  • Having different classroom features (for example Year 6 has flexible furniture and lockers)
  • Taking on new roles (Year 5 students learn how to run assembly and how to support Chapel worship from the Year 6 student leaders).

Transition from Year 6 to Secondary Schooling

Year 6 students also experience secondary transition opportunities to Grace College in the following manner:

  • Parent and student information evening about Grace College
  • Grace College teacher visit for a ‘Meet and Greet’ time
  • Grace College and Grace Primary combined instrumental workshop and performance
  • Grace College Open Morning
  • Year 6 excursion to Grace College.

January Transition

The January transition experience is one of the most important transition times for our students and is very valuable for:

  • The one to one visit for student and teacher so that the student can meet their teacher for the year
  • Students see their desk and can freely move around the room to gain a sense of belonging and welcome
  • Students work out the layout of the classroom and the items in the room and the expectations for the class
  • Students see the class list and can come to understand how some of their friends may be in different classes.