Transition Transition

Grace Primary supports students from Prep to Year 6 through specially planned transition experiences.

Transition to Prep

Pre-Prep children and families experience transitions to Grace Primary when they come to:

  • Open Day sessions
  • Principal Tours
  • Excursions to Grace Prep
  • Parent Orientation Evenings
  • Orientation mornings.

Prep students are given gradual support from Term 1 to Term 4 to transition further to the school grounds with the support and guidance of their Year 5 school buddies.

Transition from Year 6 to Secondary Schooling

Year 6 students also experience secondary transition opportunities to Grace College in the following manner:

  • Parent and student information evening about Grace College
  • Grace College teacher visit for a ‘Meet and Greet’ time
  • Grace College and Grace Primary combined instrumental workshop and performance
  • Grace College Open Morning
  • Year 6 excursion to Grace College.

January Transition

The January transition experience is one of the most important transition times for our students and is very valuable for:

  • The one to one visit for student and teacher so that the student can meet their teacher for the year
  • Students see their desk and can freely move around the room to gain a sense of belonging and welcome
  • Students work out the layout of the classroom and the items in the room and the expectations for the class
  • Students see the class list and can come to understand how some of their friends may be in different classes.