As the lights begin to go up on houses, churches and businesses and the shops start to decorate, my thoughts turn to the celebration of Jesus’ birth at Christmas time.

For Christians, this is a special time of year, a time of reflection and a time of joy as we remember that God sent His only son to earth to bless us and save us. I do hope that all families enjoy this time of family gatherings, feasting and spending time with neighbours and friends enjoying all that the Christmas season is about. You may like to enjoy a church service at Grace Lutheran Church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I know the congregation will welcome you warmly. May God’s peace be with you and your family at Christmas time and over the summer holidays.

Class Lists 2020

Every year, we send out class allocation information in mid-January. The reason for this is we need to be sure of final enrolment numbers and staffing. To do it much earlier risks students becoming excited about a teacher who may move during the school holidays. I urge families to go on holidays and relax and we will send out your
child/ren’s class allocation during January. Should you be concerned about the allocation, please ring or email me and I will discuss the placement with you. Teachers spend many hours preparing class lists ensuring a good mix of students academically but whilst also ensuring friendship groups are maintained and encouraged. Unfortunately, any requests put in by parents at this late stage cannot be considered but I am happy to discuss class placement with you in January should you have any concerns.

Uniform 2020

A friendly reminder that next year is the last year for students to wear the old uniform. All students in 2021, need to be in the new blue uniform so you may want to buy some items next year in readiness for the following year’s expectations. The only students in 2021 who may wear old uniform will be Year 6 students. 2021 is a very special year for Grace Primary as we celebrate 50 years of Lutheran Education on the Peninsula and we look forward to sharing with you some festivities we are planning from June next year.